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31.10.2023 Unlocking Business Mastery – DAY 2

oktober 31 @ 09:00 15:00

Venue: Rådhusgata 15B, Askim, Norge
🌐 Language: English
🚀 Join us for the second day of this transformative workshop!

🔍 About the Workshop: Unlocking Business Mastery is a transformative experience meticulously designed by industry leaders Aleksandra Marjańska and Svitlana Chumachenko. Dive deep into actionable strategies that address the core challenges faced by startups, ranging from client acquisition to effective messaging. Gain insights into tried-and-tested methodologies, backed by years of hands-on expertise and relevant case studies.

Marketing Psychology: Uncover subconscious barriers associated with self-promotion and delve into foundational principles to nurture a passion for marketing and sales.

Lead Generation: Evaluate existing strategies and explore a spectrum of offline and online tactics. Understand the dynamics of organic vs. paid approaches and their respective benefits.

Client Conversion: Learn techniques to transition potential clients from initial contact to purchase, enhancing conversion rates.
Actionable Insights: Conclude the day by distilling key insights into a practical action plan for business growth.

Join us for a concise and insightful session tailored for online business advancement.

🎯 Who Should Attend?
Entrepreneurs: Those looking to transition from viewing their venture as a hobby to a serious business.
Professionals in Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion: Those dedicated to enhancing their communication skills and precisely articulating their value proposition.
Business Owners: Anyone seeking clarity on the different stages of business development and where to focus energy.

⏳ Why Attend?
In today’s fast-paced business world, understanding your position in the market and communicating your value effectively can set you apart from the competition. This workshop promises not only theoretical insights but practical tools that you can immediately implement.

Please note, this is the second day of the workshop. If you missed the first day, indicate this in the registration form. You will receive a workbook to prepare for the session.



Rådhusgata, Askim

Rådhusgata 15B
Askim, 1830 Norge