The “Unlocking Business Mastery” workshop, organized by Etablerertjenesten – a leading facilitator helping entrepreneurs in Norway to start and grow their businesses, was prominently showcased this past Tuesday. Guided by industry luminaries, Aleksandra Marjanska, a Certified ICF Coach and Founder of the Goal Achievers Institute, and Svitlana Chumachenko, an entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in marketing and business coaching, the event unfurled as a dynamic fusion of insightful learning and meaningful networking.

Participants delved deep into entrepreneurial essentials, from translating skills into a robust business model to unraveling the intricacies of effective market research. The active involvement, vibrant brainstorming sessions, and collaborative group tasks were notable highlights of the day.

Both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs convened to gain actionable insights, with topics ranging from effectively communicating business propositions to market research strategies. A unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises — including engaging business games — ensured attendees walked away with valuable skills and a comprehensive workbook. This workbook was specifically designed for this workshop. And it provides clarity on business objectives, promotion strategies, and customer profiling.

This was followed by Aleksandra’s deep dive into the differences between possessing a skill and effectively translating it into a business venture. A highlight was the lecture about the four stages of business development, which felt like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle but with business elements.

Lunch break allowed for spontaneous networking, with entrepreneurs exchanging experiences, challenges, and solutions. Svitlana then navigated through the art of crafting a compelling core message and dissecting the marketplace. Attendees were keenly involved, brainstorming, presenting findings, and imbibing insights. The importance of qualitative interviews, competitive analysis, and meticulous market research became evident, and every participant left with actionable tasks to implement before the next workshop day.

Thank you to all the participants for making this event a grand success. Looking forward to reconvening in October!

Missed the first day? No worries! Join us on 17.10.2023 for Day 2.

Whether you attended the first session or are a new participant, ensure you register to secure your workbook.